Happy New Year

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With 2013 behind us like a pool of liquid faeces, it’s a time for quiet reflection about what has been and what is yet to be.

Bearing in mind we only started up Sterling Eyes in late November, it’s amazing how many of the targets we set ourselves that we’ve actually achieved in this short amount of time, from getting retweeted by Superstars (easier said than done) to being added to the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes and much much more.

I’II admit when Sterling first suggested the idea of creating podcast reviews of old school wrestling, I thought to myself – who the fuck is going to listen? I set my own person target as having at least one person download or play (set your sights low and you’ll always be happy) but amazingly we’re now over 200 downloads and going strong.

What’s made this experience even better (again, for me personally) is the amount of like-minded people we’ve met on our journey who have given advice, given direct support and have just been there to make it all feel worth it.  I’m going to give an extra special shoutout to Voices of Wrestling who have been amazing from the moment we first contacted but there are many others who have also been a ‘rock’ <see what I did there?> for us as we’ve developed and grown.

So that being said I wish all you a happy new year and wish you all the best for the future – we’ve still got so much to do and both of us (having no lives outside of wrestling) cannot wait to get back to the reviews after the holidays.

Dead Eyes


Hello and seasons greetings!!

We hope you all had a great Christmas and are now recovering from a week of over-indulgence!

We had our own little Christmas present today when we went on to itunes to discover that our podcast has hit the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section!

sterling eyes wrestling podcast, itunes new and noteworthy section

Screenshot of our appearance on new and noteworthy

It’s great to see that the work we put into the podcast is paying off. We’ve had some brilliant feedback recently and are absolutely loving creating the show.

We’re taking a bit of a break over the holiday season but will be back again in the new year with our podcast review of WWF Summerslam 1991!

Have a happy new year,

Sterling & Dead Eyes

Our Youtube video review of Wrestlemania V is now live.

This is our longest review so far so Dead Eyes has spent the Christmas period locked away in Podcast Dungeon working on this. He may now see his family.

Make the time spent worth while for the poor man and check it out here:

Wrestlemania 5 Review Podcast


Christmas time, wrestling and wine, etc, etc, etc!

Christmas just came early – Here is our podcast review of Wrestlemania 1 – The grandaddy of them all, the show that kick started professional wrestling as we know it today.

Featuring; Hulk Hogan, Mr T, Roddy Piper, Tito Santana, The Masked Executioner and many, many more!

This show also features the return of Dead Eyes special segment; Truth Or Complete And Utter Bollocks and a brand new section called Who Am I?


We’re taking a break for a couple of weeks over the holidays but we will be back with a bodyslam in 2014!

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the show!

P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on itunes so you dont’ miss our triumphant return in the new year :) - iTunes link

Hello and welcome to another post from the mighty Sterling Eyes Wrestling Podcast Extravaganza!

In our latest episode we have reviewed and ripped apart the WWF Survivors Series 1990 featuring the debut of the undertaker and the gobbeldy gooker!


Survivors Series 1990 is packed with the biggest names from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) era and in addition to this it contains the debut of not one but two of the most influential characters in the history of wrestling – Undertaker & the one and only Gobbledy Gooker!

You can expect to hear interesting facts about the event, the wrestlers and the history of the WWF as well as the builds to the matches and the absolute ripping of all those who totally deserve it on this episode of The Sterling Eyes Podcast on Voices of Wrestling.

Keep an ear out for our newest segment ‘Masterc**nt’ and the American Werewolf in London!

Enjoy the show!



Love Ric Flair? Love old school WWF? Love hearing Sterling and Dead Eyes run down the dead wrestlers of each PPV? – Of course you do!

Here is our podcast review of the WWF Royal Rumble 1992 featuring; Ric Flair, Repo Man, Hulk Hogan, Virgil, Sid Justice & Jake the Snake Roberts:


The 1992 Royal Rumble is critically acclaimed as the best Rumble of all time. Ric Flairs WWF PPV debut, Shawn Michaels’ first appearance as HBK follwing the break up of The Rockers, the British Bulldogs’ stellar performance and many, many more amazing highlights are all here. In this podcast Sterling and Dead Eyes will run down the ‘Dead wrestlers of the Rumble’, entertain you with the ‘Iron Sheiks Top Ten Tweets of The Week’ and educate you with tales of the ‘Forgotten Heroes of Wrestling’ as well as running down the show, reviewing the performances and telling it like it is!

Enjoy and spread the love!


Hello again!

Dead Eyes has once again been locked away in the Podcast Dungeon putting together the video for our Wrestlemania X Podcast Review… You can find the labours of his love right here and he can see his wife and kids once more:


Enjoy and don’t forget to tell Sheiky baby all about it. Wouldn’t want him missing out.


So tonight is the night that we record the magnificent Royal Rumble 1992 in our podcast. With just under an hour before we get started I genuinely cannot wait to get stuck into this beauty!

In other news… We have recently made some new friends over at www.voicesofwrestling.com – it is the place to go for all of the best wrestling news, reviews and podcasts. You can find our Wrestlemania V review up on their site along some info about the show here:


Check out the voices site, tell your friends about it and don’t forget to send out a mention from us to the iron sheik on Twitter – he loves our harassment!

Big Love!



We are now also on youtube! Dead Eyes has spent about 400 hours working on this video so check it out, comment, like, share and tell the Iron Sheik all about it on Twitter!!


Make people see this and make them like it! Check out the shot of me in my youth as a wrestling phenomenon…



We are now officially up and running and making this happen on a regular basis!!

You can find us on Twitter https://twitter.com/SterlingEyes1

You can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/sterlingeyeswpe

And… You can find all of our podcasts at: www.djpod.com/sterlingeyes

We are also on itunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/sterling-eyes-wrestling-podcast/id766580377?mt=2

Shit just got real!